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NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse has officially partnered with Top Flight - making it the first full time partnership between an AAU program and an NBA Shooting Coach. This is revolutionary. And everyone in the Top Flight family gets access to work with David for FREE throughout the season.

More on David:

David has trained over 100 NBA players, coached with the Brooklyn Nets, currently a consultant for UCLA, and has ran player development/shooting clinic for USA Basketball and national teams over 35 countries.

He is also the world record holder for most 3's made in a minute -

Perfect Shots -

What he is doing at Perfect Shots is working with select programs throughout the country to help make them the best shooting teams possible and give them the added value of personally have an NBA Shooting Coach working with them throughout the year.

David has created 'Send in Your Shot' (a great way for players/teams to directly send in their shot to David and he gives direct personal feedback to the players on how they can continue to improve to their highest ability)

Here is an example --


There is also much more included on being a part of the Perfect Shots Team Family:

Every month your entire program would get this:


Challenge: “Catch & Shoot from the Free Throw Line” (video)

Advanced Challenge: “Top of the Key 3’s” (video)

High IQ = Pick and Roll Series (sample)

***Along with this deal you also get 25% off to the Gold version of 'Send in Your Shot'***


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