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3x3 Tournament

By Top Flight Elite Basketball, 08/06/22, 6:45AM PDT


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Team Rosters

1. Team Fee: $200

2. Maximum of 4 players allowed on team roster.

3. Player may only play for one team per division

4. Roster due before first game and late additions are not permitted

5. Teams must have at least two different color jerseys

6. Teams must register with a parent or coach as chaperone


Pre Game Ground Rules

1. Roster submitted by parent or coach at least five minutes before game time.

2. Must have a minimum of 3 players to play game.

3. Only players and either team parent/coach are allowed on the team bench.

4. Substitutions must check in at scorers table before entering the game.


Local Rules and Regulations

Official rules as set forth by the High School Association Rulebook will be used except where superseded by Top Flight Elite rules and regulations.


3 x 3 Specifics

  1. Games will be played half court. The mid-court line will be considered out of bounds.

  2. To start a game, a coin toss will be used to determine possession.

  3. All held balls will result in alternating possessions.

  4. The team scored upon will receive the ball at the top of the key to continue play (losers outs).

  5. The ball must be cleared on all change of possessions including but not limited to, defensive rebounds, turnovers, steals, etc. Offensive rebounds do not constitute a change of possession.

  6. When and the ball is be cleared behind the three-point arc, and above free throw line extended before shooting regardless if a shot was attempted. There will be tape on the floor as clear guidelines.

  7. When the ball goes out of bounds, or there is a violation (travel, illegal dribble, etc.) or offensive foul the ball will be inbounded from the top of the key regardless of where the violation occurred. Offensive players are always required to check the ball.

  8. On offensive fouls the ball will be taken from the top of the key by the defensive team and no free throws will be shot.

  9. Points will be 1s (inside the three point arc) and 2s (outside the three point arc)

  10. All shooting fouls will result in one free throw for one (on an and one), two, or three points.

  11. No shot clock

  12. 5 second rule in effect on held balls

  13. 3 second rule in effect

  14. 4 point shot utilized for high school divisions only


Time Limit

1. Two 15 minute running halves

2. Overtime period 3-minutes running clock

3. Game time will be running clock except the final two minutes of the second half if the game is within 10 points

4. Half time will be 3 minutes

5. Each team is guaranteed 5 minutes to warm up before each game



1. In the event of the score being tied at the end of regulation time, a three-minute overtime period will be played with a running clock. If the score is tied after the first overtime period, the game will move to sudden death first team to score 2 points wins.

2. Overtime starting possession will be determined by alternating possessions.



1. If the score is within 10 points in the last two minutes of the second half (or overtime) all non-shooting fouls will result in bonus 1 and 1 free throws. All shooting fouls will be shot, either two or three free throws depending on the extent of the foul (no more score one shoot one).

2. Personal fouls will not be kept, but technical fouls will be issued for excessive fouling to the referees discretion.


Technical Fouls

1. The clock will not stop on technical fouls (unless it is the last two minutes of the second half and the score is within 10 points).

2. Any player that has two unsportsmanlike conduct technical fouls called against him/her/they will be ejected from the game.



1. All substitutions will report to the scorekeeper and must be called in by the referee.


Time Outs

1. Each team is allowed two timeouts per half (no carry over). One time out per team will be given for each overtime period. All remaining time outs are lost at the end of regulation time. Each time out will be on minute.



1. Game ball will be provided

2. Each team is required to have two matching color jerseys/tshirts

3. No jewelry for men and women including but not limited to, necklaces, rings, earrings, chains, etc.


Player Misconduct

1. Any player using profane and/or abusive language, or whose actions endanger the safety of others, may be ejected from a game without warning.

2. Any player ejected from a game for any reason will automatically be suspended from the remainder of the tournament.

3. The second technical foul charged to a coach, squad member, or any bench personnel is considered a flagrant technical foul and is ejected from the game.

4. An individual ejected from a game must leave the court, stands and facility. If they refuse to leave, the official will stop the game. If he/she/they continues to refuse to leave, his/her/their team will forfeit their game.